Bell Telephonelaan 4
 2260 Westerlo - België

Tel.: +32 (0)14/58.10.03
Fax.: +32 (0)14/58.11.20


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Bell Telephonelaan 4
2260  Westerlo/Geel
Tel (+32) (0)14 58 10 03
Fax (+32) (0)14 58 11 20

à la Carte MENU   2016 


Cheese croquettes (2 pieces) 8.60
Shrimp croquettes (2 pieces) 12.80
Shrimpcocktail  14.95
Tomato mozzarella with smoked ham 11.95
Prawns  "Vivaldi" from the chef (smoked salmon, whiskey, sambal, pepprs, mushrooms, onions, cream) 13.95


Soup of the day 4.20
Tomato  soup with little meatballs 4.50
Fish soup  14.95
Garlicbread 4.50


Mixed salad 10.50
Salad with bacon 13.50
Salad Vivaldi (with spicy chicken strips) 16.80
Salad with warm Brie-cheese and bacon 13.20
Bread or fries included
extra portion fries or croquettes 3.50


Spaghetti Bolognaise "Home made!!" delicious... come and taste it !.. 12.50
Lasagna Bolognaise" home made" 13.90
Tagliatelli with  smoked salmon, shrimps and dill  16.80
Tagliatelli with  prawns, mushrooms and paprika sauce  17.80
Vegetarian spaghetti with quorn 12.50
Wok with chicken and scampi 17.80


Chicken breast, sauce of your choice 17.20
Steak with sauce of your choice 20.80
Mixed grill with 3 sauces 20.50
Fillet of porc, sauce of your choice 19.80
Pork escalope with sauce of your choice 18.50
Sirloin steak, sauce of your choice 21.50


Baked salmon with shrimp mousseline sauce 20.70
Prawns (scampi) curry (9 pieces) 20.50
Prawns (scampi) in creamy  garlicsauce 20.50
Main course served with fries/croquettes/potatoes/mashed potatoes/rice/gratinated potatoes "Dauphiné"
Sauces : Provençale, mushroomcream, peppercream, béarnaise,  mustardsauce, garlicbutter
Supplemenet warm vegetables 5.70
Supplement mixed salad 4.50
Fries are not sold appart or alone
Supplement fries/croquettes/mashed potatoes/rice 3.50

CHILDREN (only for - 12 year)

Spaghetti for children "Lady and the Vagebond" 6.20
Pippi Langkous (meatballs in hot cherries) 7.80
Curry-saucisse "Bobo" 6.20
Fish-sticks "Piet Piraat" 6.20
Chicken nuggets "Calimero" 6.20
Hamburger "Old Mc Donald 7.80


Vanilla ice cream  5.20
Vanilla ice cream with hot chocolat sauce (Dame Blanche) 6.50
Vanilla ice cream with fresh fruit 8.50
Pancake with sugar or sirup 5.00
Pancake "Mikado" 6.80
Assortment of cheese  7.20
Warm applepie 5.00
Brussels waffle with sugar 4.50
Brussels waffle with whipped cream 5.00
Brussels waffle with banana 6.00
Brussels waffle with hot cherries 6.50
Brussels waffle with vanilla ice cream 6.50
Brussels waffle with vanilla ice cream, banana and hot chocolate sauce 9.50
Waffle with vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce and nuts 8.95
Supplement whipped cream 0.80


Croque Monsieur (Toasted ham and cheese toasted sandwich) 7.50
Croque Madame (Toasted ham, cheese and eggs sunny side up) 8.50
Croque Hawaii (Toasted ham, cheese and pineapple  sandwich) 8.70
Croque  Bolognaise (toasted ham and cheese  sandwich with bolognaise sauce) 9.10
Omelet natural 8.10
Omelet with bacon 9.10
Omelet with mushrooms 9.10
Chicken ragout with French fries 16.00
Flemish carbonade (beef stew with fries) 16.00
Grand Mothers' recipe stew of rabbit 17.80
Extra fries or croquettes 3.50


Cosy restaurant with free wireless internet-access
and an excellent cook ! Enjoy your meal in Vivaldi! 

The lobby of Hotel Vivaldi in Westerlo Geel

Bar with plenty different belgian beers !!

From 6.00 am every morning a large breakfast-buffet
 with bacon, eggs, home made bread etc. !!
 Our breakfast is our best publicity ! -